Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reclaimed goodies for the eco-bride

Since this post will serve as a formal introduction to Faulds Forge, I wanted to start with the product line I believe sums up my goals as a designer-craftsperson. I am interested in employing reclaimed metal because it not only keeps costs down but is also an efficient use of resources.
The following pieces (available for further perusal on my etsy shop contain reclaimed bronze scrap and stainless steel flatware! I sculpt all plant forms by hand in wax, cast them, and paint them on request (for more traditional brides, unpainted versions are available). These are perfect for anyone seeking an alternative to the feathered fascinators and rhinestone encrusted hair jewelry available. And they're affordable too!

Floral Hairpicks: $38 a piece or in sets of 3 for $89


Trillium Haircomb: $50

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  1. You completely amaze me with your talent. Please fill your shop up because I want to see more!