Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Forget-me-not bridal tiara

Floral wreaths and crowns are all the rage, in line with the shabby-chic/rustic/DIY look people are going for in their weddings these days. I'm all for floral crowns but I like things with a little more staying power than fresh flowers, and a little more impact than plastic or silk. Inspired by the sweet message of the little blue flower, as well as Victorian wax bridal wreaths, I crafted my forget-me-not tiara in antiqued brass and hand-painted polymer.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Personalized floral pendants in recycled pewter

I've been working hard to bring more customizable jewelry to my shop, hence the radio silence around here. New stock will include monogrammed cameos, birth flower jewelry, and the option to personalize your favourite pieces with your name or the name of a child, loved one, special "name" it (groan!) Here is a smattering of personalized floral pendants. Hand sculpted and cast in recycled pewter, each pendant is strung on a delicate silver plated chain fitted with a name (or multiple names) of your choice. Each name is carefully "written" in salvaged copper wire.

Stay tuned for monogrammed cameo necklaces!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vintage ring with newly restored cameo

As much as I love doing custom orders or cranking out waxes for more popular pendants, on occasion I find the excuse to do something entirely experimental. I was gifted some lovely costume jewelry last year by JD's grandfather whose wife had been an avid collector. A few of these pieces had the potential to be extremely wearable but were in disrepair. This 10k ring had the most beautiful silver setting with tiny marcasites but one major flaw: a gaping hole where the center stone used to be. After inspecting the makers mark, a quick google search provided the history of the original company and some examples of their jewelry, most of it set with cameos. I decided to make a new one to bring the ring back to life, but I definitely took some artistic license (no women playing harps or the signature human head in profile, as classic as those are). Here's the result!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Accessories

I've been reworking my floral hair picks this spring to include polymer clay blossoms rather than cast bronze. I was looking for a way to resolve the top-heaviness in the cast hyacinths. The new picks are so much lighter and stick comfortably into any hair type. The stems are forged from reclaimed copper cabling, furthering my attempts to incorporate green shop practices. 

They are subtle yet whimsical accessories, perfect for the season and any outdoor event you should find yourself attending. Since they are painted hyper-realistically, everyone will assume you're wearing the real thing!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cute candy collection for Valentine's Day

The freezing temperatures in the Texas Panhandle this month make me balk at the thought of casting outdoors. Investment molds don't like the temperature change experienced in 70 degree weather let alone 28 degrees! So until things warm up slightly I have been focusing my efforts on a collection for Valentine's Day.

These cute candy charms are sculpted in polymer clay and hand painted before being strung on a silver plated chain. I'm offering customizable colours and initials in my Etsy shop. Several styles are available.

This collection is sort of a departure for me stylistically, but I really like the way they came out and with any luck they will be a hit for Valentine's day. Jewelery and candy IS the classic holiday combo!